Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is It OK For Europe To Like Our Presidential Candidate

I found this question being asked in my daily Huffington Post feed. I personally have no problem with the concept that our best and closest allies might not hate us if Obama wins the election.

Apparently McCain and the popular press don't see it that way. I have no idea what could possibly be wrong with the idea that Europe might stop hating us if we reject McCain's bid for four more years of Bushism. I wish we could fire Bush today and have the election tomorrow followed by inauguration on Thursday!

Check out the article on Huffington and post your opinions here.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I try to be fair, but ...

I try to be as fair and baslanced as I can, but today's issues are too deeply engraved into my consciousness for me to be perfectly objective. So I will admit freely that I want Obama to win the election in November.

I have had all the deprivation and oppression I can stand from the Bush years. I don't want McCain to move in to the White House and continue with business as usual. I really want that change we can believe in.

Let me try to explain this on a personal level. The first stroke of Bush's presidential pen raised my prescription copay by a whopping 250%. That's right. 250%. It isn't a typo. He then wanted to raise it another 125% the next year. With the number of prescriptions the VA has laid at my feet, that's a substantial cut of my income. Every few months I get a check from the VA that isn't big enough to cover any of my expenses because they take my copay out of it.

The cost of living has skyrocketed. Those of you who are still able to hold down a job are feeling the pinch. What do you think it means to a guy like me? With my wife to support and a total monthly income of $230.00 how far can I stretch my money? I can't blame Bush for my disability but I can darn sure blame him for his personal war and his bungling of the hurricane crises in the Gulf of Mexico!

Those led to the beginning of the price rise. His coddling of big oil and other related businesses has made it worse. His flat refusal to take action against the speculators lined his own pockets. It helped his big oil cronies to earth-shattering profits, too.

I don't trust the republicans any more. I don't trust Bush as far as I can throw the White House and I trust McCain even less.

I want an Obama administration and let him do his best to slove the crappy situation we are in. Tax breaks for the poor! Free up more money for higher education! Let the subprime mortgage mess sort itself out! Fix Social Security and Medicare!

I'm off the soapbox for now, but I'll be back.

Friday, July 18, 2008

No, Senator McCain

This is the body of my letter to the editor I just sent to my local news outlets. John McCain thinks we can just muddle through in Afghanistan. He is quite wrong. This issue has nothing to do with his bid for the presidency. It has everything to do with his tenure as a legislator. The title of this post links to the page where you can view the video and very easily compose your own lett to the editor. If you prefer, you may feel free to copy and paste my letter and send it over your own electronic signature.

    We can not just "muddle through" in Afghanistan. We have spent too much money, too many American lives, and too many American dollars "muddling through" in Afghanistan.

    What we really need to do in Afghanistan is to stop muddling and get serious about unearthing Bin Laden. He needs to be brought to justice. Seven years is long enough to try "muddling through" don't you think?

    Stop wasting time and money. Get busy with Afghanistan. Leave the disaster of Iraq behind and get on with the job that needed to be done in the first place: Clean out Al Qaeda!

Our government needs to be kicked into gear. Kicked firmly and with vigor! Also think about sending this to your senators, representatives and the White House.

Act up! Join a cause, write letters, speak out, involve your friends and family and for heaven's sake get out the vote!

Please Think About Our Future

The link (just click on the post title) takes you to an organization headed by Al Gore. I have gained a great deal of respect for Vice President Gore in recent years. Much more than I ever had for him while he was stumbling stiffly along in Clinton's shadow.

The organization, called simply We is pushing for an independent energy solution for all Americans. Finally we have a standard bearer the world can look up to, not down their noses at. The solutions are doable and we need to encourage all our elected legislators and executives to get on board with it.

Please check out the link and add your voice to the tumult. We need to do this while we still can!

That link again:


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

About That New Yorker Magazine Cover

Have you seen it? I think the best and fairest treatment of the piece comes from Huffington Post. No surprise that the Huffington gang of liberals is up in arms over the image. I don't like it myself.


The cover image shows the Obamas as America's worst fears. There is no text on the cover explaining what the image is supposed to mean. The New Yorker's editor, David Remnick claims that the cove is a satirical image of the anti-Obama campaign rhetoric that labels Barack and Michelle as everything the right wing hates.

The cover image alone shows no hint of the intended satire. It shows the Obamas in the worst light possible. I find it tasteless and offensive. It doesn't matter which side of the political fence you are on, the image will most likely elicit a reaction from you.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vote In My Poll

Totally unscientific, my poll is just a thumbnail to see if one candidate has a clear lead over the others at this point in time. Yes, old Ralph Nader is running for president again. Mickey Mouse is not.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I just found this story in Yahoo! News. Follow this link to read more: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080713/ap_on_go_pr_wh/bush_10;_ylt=AoFBsEKfzcqK0Q5Oqg5CXq4E1vAI
Bush and the Neocons seem determined to drill for oil in places where the rest of the world doesn't want them to. Places like Alaskan wildlife refuges and offshore sites that teem with aquatic life or where scientists and conservationists are trying to reestablish species threatened with extinction.

Bush is trying to blame Congress for the rising fuel prices. What a joke! If the republicans hadn't sat on their hands while Bush extended his vacation the Gulf Coast might not have been so slow in recovering. The oil companies might not have been able to use Hurricane Katrina for an excuse as long as they have, jacking oil prices up to the highest prices in history.

In spite of the record profits Big Oil is enjoying they are claiming that the prices are being driven higher by speculators. Commodities speculators account for a mere two to three percent of the oil futures prices. The oil companies and the foreign producers they love so much are in control of the pricing.

Act up, America! Call and/or write your congressional representatives and senators. Tell them not to knuckle under to Bush and his nonsense tactics! Let them know you are mad as Hell and won't take it any more!

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This is a really neat widget! First of all, I love Coldplay's newest single, Viva la Vida. Secondly, the lyrics are both political and spiritual. Cool mix! It sounds really good, too. Have a looky at the scroller and comment what you think of it.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

You might not believe this one.

Just spotted this article in SF Chronicle's web site, SFGate.com


The story is about employers using the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act to deny benefits to employees and survivors. They lean heavily on the part of the act that shields them from lawsuits.

Please take a minute to read the article and come back here for discussion.

I think the actions of the employers are reprehensible and immoral whether they are actually legal. The law is not always moral or fair. This is an issue that needs to be tackled immediately if not sooner.

Act up! Write to your federal elected officials and let them know how you feel about this form of greed and corruption.

Opening Shot - Hopefully Heard 'Round the World

I have long wanted a place to air my views on the political hppenings of my time. This is that place.

Dear readers, my blogroll is still under construction. If you know of a pointed political blog I need to read, please e-mail me the link at dr.electro@yahoo.com. The blogs may include local newspaper colomns published on the web and not restricted by copyright. I will consider adding your suggestion to the roll. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I will let my readers express their opinions and sass back at me all they want as long as the comments are clean. Profanity will be deleted and the profane may be banned.

The current state of affairs includes the insanity and oppression of the Bush administration. I will treat the subject as fairly as he has treated the American citizens. Make of that what you will.

The presidential election is still an ongoing eyesore and will continue until November 4th of this year, 2008. Stay tuned here for more. I will freely admit that I am an Obama backer but I am not going to sling mud at McCain. He is a viable candidate and deserves to be respected as such, at least until such time as he proves otherwise.

Expect to see some New Mexico and Albuquerque politics as well. If you are from other places, feel free to skip over those parts.

Hopefully this will be as much fun for everyone as it will be for me. I also hope it to be informative.